GreenGrove Outdoors is constantly seeking skilled, experienced, and educated professionals in the landscape management and construction fields to join our team. 

Landscape Designer Posted on 07/10/2015

1+ Years Experience or 1 - 4-Year Certificate/Degree in Landscape Architecture or Design

Landscape Designers are capable of demonstrating a high level of landscape planning skills and knowledge of plant materials throughout our climate. Responsible for landscape documents including rendered plans and elevations and construction documents.  Should have a great understanding of cost implications created by their proposed design. Should be seeking new opportunities and technologies to keep themselves current and above industry standards.

Crew Foreman / Operator Posted on 01/16/2015

2+ Years Experience - $30,000+ / yr. based on Experience and Education

Crew Foreman are our front-line managers and our eyes in the field. They have the responsibility of operating their crew and completing each job safely and efficiently. They have both time and people management skills and are able to speak, read, and write English fluently. Crew Foreman receive work-orders from their supervisors as well as directly from the client on a daily basis. They are responsible for recording their crews hours and reporting them in our system at the end of each day. Foremen are able to extensively train each crew member and can perform each required task productively. They know how each machine operates and are responsible for maintaining their level of operation throughout the seasons. Crew Foreman are knowledgeable with different plant material throughout each site and are able to adapt to many different landscapes and environments on the job. 2+ years experience in the green industry is required. They are the primary drivers of each crew and have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record.

Construction - General Labor, Shoveling, Raking, General Lifting, Machine Operator

Maintenance – General Labor, String-Trimming, Stick-Edging, Blowing, Weeding, Mulching, Leaf-Raking, General Lifting, Machine Operator

Crew Laborer Posted on 01/16/2015

A crew laborer is just entering this industry and joining our company to expand his or her knowledge and experience within the daily operations of landscape construction and management. 

Construction Tasks - General Labor, Shoveling, Raking, Lifting (50lbs Min.)

Maintenance Tasks - General Labor, String-Trimming, Stick-Edging, Blowing, Weeding, Mulching, Leaf-Raking, Lifting, (50lbs Min.)