GreenGrove Outdoors is your full-service landscape management provider. With over 30 years in commercial property management we’re confident that you will benefit from our comprehensive service menu.

Mulching & Bed Care

Groundcovers such as Mulch & Stone can be installed to help prevent weed growth and protect your plant material.

For us it's not about selling our customers a load of mulch. Properly installed mulch will benefit your trees and shrubs in the long run. However, improper installation or overmulching can be detrimental to your plants within a few years of planting.

Overmulched plant material will retain moisture around the trunk leading to trunk rot, as seen below. "Mulch Volcanos" can also cause secondary root systems to develop and promote girdling roots that can choke the trunk causing severe stress and possible dieback overtime.

Why Mulch through GreenGrove Outdoors?

  • Yearly site-inspection and recommendations for your trees and shrubs.
  • Trees and Shrubs will not be overmulched, saving you money, both short and long-term.
  • Our mid-season bed care and mulch cultivation will keep your property looking fresh throughout the seasons.

Mulch Volcano