GreenGrove Outdoors is your full-service landscape management provider. With over 30 years in commercial property management we’re confident that you will benefit from our comprehensive service menu.

Seasonal & Additional Services

Landscape Design & Installation

Our full-service landscape design and installation crews can create an environment from a blank slate or recommend enhancements to your existing landscape.

Mulch/Groundcover Installation

Groundcovers such as Mulch & Stone can be installed to help prevent weed growth and protect your plant material.

Seasonal Color

Annual Flowers can be installed and rotated throughout the season. The rotation will usually occur 3-4 times based on your request.

Basic Seasonal Schedule:

  • Spring – Tulips Bloom/Winter Pansies
  • Early Summer – Tulips & Pansies Removed-Petunias/Begonias Installed
  • Fall – Petunias/Begonias Removed – Mums/Winter Pansies/Bulbs Installed

Lot Sweeping

After applying tons of rock salt and sand to your parking lots throughout the winter it is recommended to have them swept. A complete curb-to-curb sweep will remove sand, stone, litter and debris from your entrances, lots, and walkways.


Natural build-up, littering and weather related residue occurs on your buildings, lots, and walkways. Maintain its cleanliness by powerwashing these areas throughout the season.