GreenGrove Outdoors is your full-service landscape management provider. With over 30 years in commercial property management we’re confident that you will benefit from our comprehensive service menu.

Snow & Ice Management

Our 24-hour dispatching team deploys the right amount of equipment, materials, crew leaders and operators to keep your property safe and operational during any snow/ice event.

GreenGrove Outdoor’s commitment to on-the-job performance begins before the storm arrives. Providing an on-site fleet of equipment and stock-piled ice melt materials for each location allows our crews to provide your site the advantages of an unmatched response time before accumulation or icing occurs.

Our full-service fleet of equipment is maintained by our in-house mechanics who are on-site during operations. You can be sure that your trust and reliability in GreenGrove Outdoors will be protected throughout each snow and ice event.

  1. Site Analysis & Curb/Drain Staking
  2. Plowing & Heavy Equipment
  3. Sidewalk Clearing
  4. Snow Relocating
  5. Ice Control
  •     Calcium Chloride Applications
  •     Salt or Salt/Sand Applications