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What sets GreenGrove Outdoors apart?

  • Clean and organized trucks, trailers, and equipment

  • Trained Uniformed Crew Members and Supervisors

  • State-of-the-art Equipment

  • Same Day Call Back Policy


What does a healthy and sustainable property look like? 


Everything has its own place. The plant beds are well defined and hard-surfaces have a bold edge. The trees and shrubs are full and lush. Pruning and trimming is done at the right time to maintain overall health. The grass is dense with a deep-green color. The curbs, sidewalks, stone and mulch beds are free of weeds and debris. The seasonal flowers are full of color. The irrigation is timed perfectly and there is little to no waste of water. We achieve this by using our core values and being proud of the work we provide to our clients daily.

Why choose GreenGrove Outdoors?


We look at long-term sustainability throughout each aspect of your landscape and don't wait for problems to occur before taking action.



By utilizing continuing-education, seminars and on-going updates our management team and supervisors have the latest tools and information to stay ahead of potential problems.



With over 40 years of commercial landscape experience we know tried and true techniques and long-term sustainable solutions to our ever-evolving landscapes and properties.



When an issue does arise our response time is critical to providing effective solutions keeping our customers comfortable and there landscapes healthy.

Our Staff

Our staff of industry professionals ranges from in-house mechanics to state-licensed pesticide operators and irrigation technicians. Along with attention to detail, they consistently provide our clients with the education and experience each aspect of their landscape demands. By constantly continuing their education and always seeking and improving innovative systems and technology, our team offers you the best in the industry.

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