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Don't let Mosquitos and Ticks prevent you and your family from enjoying your backyard! Our EPA Approved products kill ticks and mosquitos on contact. Our treatments protect your property for up to 3 weeks so you can avoid spraying your children and pets with harmful chemicals throughout the summer months. 

Program Details:

We offer a comprehensive treatment program throughout the Mosquito & Tick Season. Our technicians will come out every 3 weeks to treat your property.

Our season typically begins in early April and ends at the end of October. 

If you are bitten by a Mosquito we will return to Spray at no charge (up to 2x per season) 

Our liquid spray is rainfast after an hour of treatment. To guarantee your satisfaction we will respray your yard (up to 2x per season) if it rains within 4 hours after the treatment. 

We will send a text or email reminder prior to your visit and you will receive a confirmation when the service is completed.

Lawn Areas
Trees & Shrubs
Brush Areas 
Foundations, Fences, & Structures
Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

All-Organic Treatments

Embrace the power of nature in safeguarding your outdoor spaces with our all-natural solutions. We're your destination for eco-conscious pest control, harnessing the potency of essential oils to keep your family and environment safe.

A specific blend of all natural essential oils, this product is used to control insects on contact and act as a repellent for up to 30 days after each application.


For outdoor use on the entire property including:
Lawns, Trees, Shrubs, Flower Beds, Mulch / Wood Chip Areas, Playgrounds, and Wooded Areas.


  • 49% Cedar Wood Oil

  • 4% Lemongrass Oil 

  • 4% Rosemary Oil

  • 4% Citronella Oil

  • 4% Peppermint Oil

  • 38% Inert Ingredients Natural Ethyl Lactate and Natural Soap

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